• What Does Home Mean To You?

    When you lose a home, you lose more than shelter. You lose stability, security and human connections. And when your days are spent consumed with the anxiety of what your nights will bring, you lose the ability to move forward. SOS helps families move from loss to gain, from the isolating fear of homelessness to a stable home and reclaiming of their lives.

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  • Where Do You Turn In Crisis?

    Everyone, at one time or another, experiences crisis. And when a crisis hits, we all know the irreplaceable value of those who come alongside us to offer a kind word, wise counsel and a helping hand. Since 1970, SOS has been a lifeline for thousands of children, families and individuals in our communities by providing a constant and caring place to turn.

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  • What Do You Give a Child?

    Children delight in gifts. They relish play and are eager to learn. But the joys of childhood ultimately rest on a sense of security. Every parent can attest to the anxiety even seemingly small changes in routine can bring. Homelessness is a terrifying and deeply traumatic disruption for a child. SOS helps these children move from a place of fear to a place of freedom.

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  • How Do You Show You Care?

    We each have ways we most enjoy showing that we care. For some of us, it's through giving gifts. For others, it's devoting time or engaging in a kind act. SOS is strengthened by the talents of our partners and volunteers and the diverse forms their giving takes. We invite you to join us by exploring the ways you can best show you care.

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The Road to Home Fundraiser
Thursday, October 06, 2016

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“Summer Games” for Ypsilanti Kids

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

While other kids spent the summer sleeping in late and watching television, some local children in Ypsilanti did something a little unusual—they hit the books!

After weeks of studying hard, the children were more than ready for a special day to celebrate their success. On Friday, August 19th, the HealthCap Helping Hands team helped them do just that in a way they are sure to remember.

After a delicious lunch, volunteers from HealthCap Helping Hands organized stations for children and parents with traditional and silly field day games.  Children played ladder ball and bean bag toss, unwrapped star burst candies singlehandedly, and ran relay races while suited up in flippers, goggles, and inner tubes. Children also stuffed brand new back packs with the supplies they will need for a successful 2016/2017 school year. 

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