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"I like to help the community. I get to meet a lot of good people here, and it’s fun to be able to give back."

Mike Clark, Volunteer

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Homeless children are vulnerable to physical, emotional and social stress. We use a research-based model called Early Risers for our children’s programs. School-age children are offered a comprehensive set of programs to help them build essential skills such as resolving conflict, improving communication, increasing a positive attitude to inspire academic achievement, and developing positive relationships with peers. We also provide scholarships for children who are homeless to attend specialized programs, such as dance or math day camps.

Our programs include:

  • After-School Tutoring: Because homeless children, in particular, can endure so much disruption in their daily lives, SOS offers after-school tutoring to address their academic needs in a stable and nurturing environment. Children in grades 1 - 8 are paired with a volunteer for one-on-one academic assistance. The kids also participate in weekly academic activities. This program is hosted during the fall and winter school semester.

    To access After-School Tutoring, please contact your children’s services worker or shelter advocate.

  • Sunny Days: Every summer, the Sunny Days program provides eight weeks of enrichment activities for 30 homeless children enrolled in area shelter programs or transitional housing in Washtenaw County. Sunny Days provides children, ages 6 - 12, a structured, safe, and supportive environment to address the traumas of homelessness, substance abuse, and domestic violence within their families.

    The Sunny Days experience provides a vital opportunity for homeless children to learn, heal, and play. Every day, kids in Sunny Days work on their literacy skills by reading and participating in Book Clubs through local libraries. Weekly activities include journaling, arts and craft projects, outdoor games, educational sessions and cultural field trips.

    The children also participate in a weekly social skills group, where they learn about positive communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, anger management, teamwork, and substance abuse prevention.

    The program has a approach to help kids manage their everyday stressors. It also reduces family stress during the summer months by freeing parents to work toward long-term employment, obtaining permanent housing, or attending chemical dependency treatment programs.

    To access Sunny Days, please contact your children’s services worker or shelter advocate.

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  • Telling It is a nationally recognized, community-based program whose mission is: to establish a safe and creative environment for children and youth labeled as “at-risk-to-fail;” to stimulate their creative writing and literacy skills through the creative arts; to increase self-esteem, improve scholastic confidence; to identify and address the impediments to personal and academic success for each participant.The staff of this award-winning community-based program collaborate with professional community artists, social service agencies, schools and institutions of higher learning to engage K-12 students that have been identified by teachers and social workers as struggling with literacy skills, increasingly disengaged from their education and at-risk of dropping out of school. To access Telling It, please contact your children’s services worker or shelter advocate.

  • Girl Scouts: In partnership with the local Girl Scouts Council, girls ages 5 – 12, who are homeless and enrolled in area family shelter or transitional housing programs, participate in this program. They have fun while meeting new friends. Participants also can learn new skills, earn Girl Scout badges, increase their self-esteem, and gain a sense of accomplishment. The program also aims to enable the girls to make a smooth transition to community Brownie and Girl Scout troops after their families obtain permanent housing.

    To access Girl Scouts, please contact your children’s services worker or shelter advocate.


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